Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Front Page Of Etsy "Explore Your Backyard"

I LOVE making Etsy treasuries and this one "Explore Your Backyard" was featured on the front page of Etsy over the long weekend Saturday May 28 2011 at 11 am EST.

The Perfect Pair Of Rain Boots

I hear this question a lot I LOVE your rain boot, where did you get them? What’s the brand? So I thought this would make a great first blog post. I wear two kinds of rain boots Xtratufs and Hunters.
Xtratufs only come in the brown and crème combination you see in a lot of my photos. They do come in different heights 16”, 12” and 6”. I prefer to wear the tall 16” boot you can roll them down to make them shorter.  They only come in men’s sizes for example I wear a 7.5 shoe size but my xtratufs are a size 5. Xtratufs are the Alaska state shoe we in Ketchikan call them Ketchikan sneakers. You can purchase Xtratufs from Cabelas and you can also find them on EBay.

Xtratufs Boot 16" & 12"

The colorful rain boots are called Hunters and they come in a rainbow of colors. I own three pairs of Hunters Aubergine Purple, Pea Green Gloss (This color is no longer available I tell people to check EBay, that is where I found my pair) and my newest pair are Watling Lace Up Full Knee Boot green (Jake my BF bought me for my birthday). Hunter boots do run large so I wear a size 6 in them I have larger calves and have trouble finding boots that fit, but Hunters and Xtratufs fit my calves. You can purchase extended calf Hunter Boots.
Pea Green Gloss Hunter Boots
I CANNOT wear either brand of rain boots without SLUGS fleece boot liners. SLUGS stop the annoying problem of your socks slipping down to the bottom of your boot and bunching up. They also make it easier to pull on and off your boots and stop the rubber from rubbing your legs raw. They are stylish and functional to boot.

 I hope this helps you on your search for the perfect pair of rain boots.