Sunday, January 18, 2015

DIY: Baby Leg Warmers

whipped up this pair of valentines baby leg warmer for Charley today in five minutes!! It was an experiment gone right!! 

I bought a pair of regular length socks from Joanns for $1.50. Then just cut the foot part off.

Then I sewed the raw edge with a zigzag stitch on my sewing machine. I didn't pin it so the edge has a ruffle look which I think is cute. But you could pin the raw edge to get a cleaner look. You can also buy a longer sock to the knee to have more fabric to work with. Charley is 3 months so the sorter ones worked perfect but the next pair I'm going use a longer sock. If you don't have a sewing machine it would be easy enough to hand sew them. 

Charley Pailsey helping mommy write this blog post rocking her new one of a kind baby leg warmers. I will be making a lot more of these little leg warmer and share them as I make them. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Baby's First Christmas Keepsake Salt Dough Footprint Ornaments

We made salt dough footprint ornaments to mark Charley's first Christmas! Charley gave a few footprint ornaments out as Christmas gifts to the people that love her. 

This is the recipe we used:

• 1 cup salt
• 2 cups all purpose flour
• 1 cup warm water
• food coloring ( we made our dough pink) 


• Combine flour and salt
• Add water and stir together until dough forms 
• Knead dough for about five minutes until smooth. 
• Roll out until desired thickness.
• Press little ones tootsies in to dough. 
( If older try out press their hands in to the dough)  
• Trim around your impressions. ( I left enough room to write the year and Charley's name)
• Add a hole to the top so you can hang ornament on the tree.

• You can let then air dry or bake them on a cookie sheet at 200 degrees for 2-3 hours. 

• I used a prink sharpie to add her name and year on the front. On the back I put Charley's age.

• Last step add a robin so you can hang it on the tree!

I have also seen DIY footprint ornaments that were painted after they dried. We didn't have pant so we used food coloring. 

This was a fun and easy craft for the whole family todo! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Our Baby Announcement For Charley Paisley

We shot our baby announcement "expected to pop" back in  May 2014. It was a pretty well kept secret that we were expecting. We did this photo shoot before we knew the gender so we had a announcement for a boy or girl ready to post and share with all our friends and family. 

The background of our photo is the gum wall in post alley near Pike Place Market. I used my two favorite photo apps that I mentioned in my last post. Rhonna and Mildiv. These were also taken with just and iPhone.  

Newborn Monthly Birthday Photos

As a new mom I take tons of photos of my little one. Charley's life is well documented. I have been taken a monthly photo of her on her birthday. Each photo she has a cupcake in them with a numbered candle of how old she is. At year one it will be a smash cake photo!! Here are her birthday photos so far.

The cupcake are made by the best cupcake shop in Seattle cupcake royale

I use one of my favorite photo apps called Rhonna. It has great sticks and your able to write text on the photo.

I also use a great photo editing app called Moldiv.

I'm lucky I have yards of fabric just laying around waiting to be made into SLUGS fleece rain boot liners :) So I have lots of options for photo backdrops. I'm excited to see how the photos changes as she does.

I took all of these photos with just my iPhone next to a window. Nothing fancy.

Hello Again My Life 3 Years After My Last Post

So it's been a long time since I posted any thing to my blog. A lot has changed since my last post!

2013 moved back to Seattle and quit my day job!! I'm now my own boss and live off my sock money!

The first part 2014 was I accepted as a Pike Place Market crafts person permit holder! You can now buy my SLUGS fleece rain boot liners in person along with my Tongass the SLUG stuffed animal. 





October 2014 I became a MOM!! We welcomed little miss Charley Paisley into the world!! 

I'm much better at keeping my facebook fan page, twitter, Pinterest and Instagram update find me here.





I just got the blogger app on my phone so I hope that helps me post more here!