Sunday, January 11, 2015

Newborn Monthly Birthday Photos

As a new mom I take tons of photos of my little one. Charley's life is well documented. I have been taken a monthly photo of her on her birthday. Each photo she has a cupcake in them with a numbered candle of how old she is. At year one it will be a smash cake photo!! Here are her birthday photos so far.

The cupcake are made by the best cupcake shop in Seattle cupcake royale

I use one of my favorite photo apps called Rhonna. It has great sticks and your able to write text on the photo.

I also use a great photo editing app called Moldiv.

I'm lucky I have yards of fabric just laying around waiting to be made into SLUGS fleece rain boot liners :) So I have lots of options for photo backdrops. I'm excited to see how the photos changes as she does.

I took all of these photos with just my iPhone next to a window. Nothing fancy.

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