Friday, September 30, 2011

The Catch Of The Day: King Salmon

The Catch Of The Day
By: Paul White
August 4, 2010

iPhone Fine Art Photography "Night Watch"

Night Watch
By: Rayana White  
September 9, 2011
Ketchikan, Ak

I found this really cool app for my iPhone called Instagram I have turned this original iPhone photo above in to black and white with one of their cool filters below. You can now follow me on Instagram and get a sneak peek on my iPhone photos before of post them to my blog just search withtherain.

Instagram Description:

is a simple life-sharing app for the iPhone. Users can snap photos wherever they go to show the world what’s going on in their life. The app also allows user to follow friends’ photo updates as they move through the world. Users can also select from photo filters that transform regular photos into works of art.

Users can post an unlimited amount of photos for free. They can find and follow friends that are also using the Instagram app. Photos can be tagged with the location taken and check into Foursquare at the same time. Instagram posts can also be shared on Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Facebook. Users can also view the most popular photos around the world from other users.

What photo do you like more?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SLUGS and Blueberries


Every year the highlight of the summer is Ketchikan’s Blueberry Festival.
 The festival showcases over 100 booths selling their handmade goods.  You can also enjoy the Slug race, which this year I donated the prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place the winners received an adopt a SLUG button and a small Tongass the SLUG stuffed animal. Tongass is only available in person at Ketchikan local festivals. Of course you can’t have a blueberry festival without a blueberry pie eating contest, Battle of the Bands, trivia contest and the Great Blueberry Race. The blueberry weekend started off on Friday with the juried art show I summited this photo.

This Blueberry Arts Festival was extra special for me. I had my BFF/Graphic designer Raquel Mayer (AKA Rocky) fly up from Seattle to help me. She was my number one SLUG seller. She designed my NEW “HOLD THE SALT” SLUGS sweat shirt which we sold out of! She really went over the top creating all kind of promotional stuff for me, Rocky designed a blueberry SLUG button and I added a little green leaf we handed them out with every purchase. Rocky handed painted my table cloth with my logo on it the night before the festival Oliver one of my cats also wanted to be part of the creative process and decided to walk across the table cloth and wet paint it just adds to the charm I think. As a surprise she also took some of my SLUGS photos and made them in to large posters which we hang around my booth.

Can’t forget about Jacob my BF he also made this blueberry festival special he was my roadie and cashier I guess he didn’t trust two art school kids with the cash box. Even my Mom pitched in on this blueberry festival all the way from California she made my one of kind made with LOVE "WithTheRain" Xtratuf banner with SLUGS .

The status for the festival:
I made 150 SLUGS fleece boot liners and sold 134
I made 35 Large Tongass the SLUG stuffed animal and sold all but 2
I made 30 Small Tongass the SLUG stuffed animal and sold out
I order 4 “HOLD THE SALT” sweat shirts and solid out

This was the best blueberry ever!
 It was the nicest weather of the whole summer, not a rain cloud in sight.

And One More Front Page Of Etsy September

I created this Etsy treasury "Gold and Red Trees" yesterday and it made it to the front page of Etsy today. My inspiration for this T was my friend Angie of steampunkfunk
Brass Etched Bracelet With Geometric Garden Patina on Upcycled Leather.

Friday, September 23, 2011

With The Rain Comes SLUGS

I think I'm the only person in the world that receives photos of SLUGS
(the animals) posted on their facebook wall, tweeted, texted or emailed to them.
 Here are some of my favorites that I must share.
A special thanks to my BFF Raquel Mayer, Etsy friend Angie Lawlar and my younger brother Paul for always thinking of me when they see a SLUG.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Front Page Of Etsy September

I’m I little behind on my blog posts this month. SLUGS have made it on the front page twice so far and I have curated two front page treasures this month.
Check them out and I hope there will be more.

I hope I didn't miss one.