Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY: Jazz Up Your Rain Boots With A Custom Paint Job!!

Turn your old plain boring rain boots from this:

To this:

Here are a few tips and tricks I used on this little DIY project. Note to readers I went to art school but it was not for painting or drawing:) I painted the one thing I like to doodle and added my SLUGS logo.

* Clean Rain boots
*Paint brushes
* Window cleaner 
* Paper towels 
* Acrylic paints
* Clear gloss spray paint

Step One:
Clean your dirty boots!
I just used window cleaner and paper towels.

Step Two:
Set up work space.
I'm a messy painter so I laid down some newspaper.

Step Three:
Start painting I painted on the grass first.

Step Four:

This is where I added my SLUGS logo but you can put your name or a cute  phrases.

Step Five:
Free hand paint some flowers I pick daisy because it's wild flower season up here in Alaska and daisies are everywhere. Once the painted wild flowers are dried add so rain drops to fill in the blank areas. I also added some clouds at the top of the rain boots to make a even bigger statement.

Step Six:
you are almost done!
Once the paint is dry it's time to seal your work from the weather. I just used clear gloss spray paint that made my pair of old weather matte rain boots shiny!

The Finished Product!!

If end up jazzing up your old rain boots with this little DIY I would love to see the photo's of your finished product. Please share them on my Facebook fan page:

Don't forget to finish up your rain day look with a cute pair of SLUGS fleece rain boot liners that match!


  1. Such a cool DIY!!! This is a must try :)

  2. Does the colour come off or anything when you wear it outdoors in crazy weather?

  3. Did you use oil based paint? Very cute idea. I'm painting duckies and raindrops