Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Homemade Valentine For Daddy

Little Charley Paisley and I did a Valentines day photo shot for her daddy! We hope he likes our homemade photo Valentine!!

Kissable baby valentine for daddy. I just used bright red lip stick (I bought the cheapest red from the drug store). To keep the red bright red I would kiss Charley twice and then applied the lip stick again. All of these photos were just taken with my iPhone. 

FYI: the lip stick was hard to get off little Charley's skin we had to give her a bath after our photo shot.

I took the colored photo and used a very cool app called color splash to make the kisses red.

This photo is my favorite of the day!! Daddy will you be my first valentine?

I used all Walgreens drug store app to order prints off my iPhone and picked up the photos an hour later.

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